In the beginning of September my sister Paula visited me on the countryside. In the guest room she had bruised her toe so badly that, in addition to the pain, she began to doubt whether she could really realize her great journey.

Paula wants to cross New Zealand from south to north by bike within two months. My first precaution was to put the legs of the guest room bed into chocolate boxes (of course only after having feasted on the contents delightfully). So, next time she visits the impact of the collision won’t be that big..

Since my sister plans and puts into practice what life serves her, whereas I am the type to enjoy planning but never actually going on the trip, I suggested keeping a diary about her journey. This way I could take part in her adventure, at least in my mind.

Paula has already begun with the preparations, her departure is already in a few weeks. Her motto: minimised luggage! Also: as cheap as possible whilst as much as possible! A real adventure! Therefore, she needs to think of everything: bikini and tent need to find a place on her bike!

My sister now trains and exercises daily! Here I should mention that we are both in our mid-fifties and have never counted as professional athletes. So, all the bigger the challenge of New Zealand.



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