Paula follows the tracks of the glacier because she wants to see the two highest mountains of New Zealand. She chooses the hike up to the Fox Glacier Mirror Lake over the hike up to the Fox Glacier (bookable with helicopter flight only). The smooth water surface reflects the two mountains: Mount Tasman and Mount Cook (also called Aoraki). This is enough for Paula because the journey from Doubt Sound was long and the view from her tent is perfect.

The few kilometres up to the Franz Josef Glacier can be covered easily. However, she is not in the mood to travel on beaten tourist paths and even less in the mood for a sightseeing flight that goes off every few minutes because of the many tourists. It destroys the scenery.



Early in the morning Paula drives to Hokitika directly ( There she enjoys a late breakfast while sitting in the sun. She gets onto her bike and cycles the West Coast Wilderness Trail ( with full enthusiasm. It goes along the west coast for 70 km, partly through rain forests with lush green and foreign scents, then the route becomes very steep and leads through a wild and lonely landscape.

With luggage, she wouldn’t have cycled the route so easily; also a mountain bike would have been a better choice for this tour. Riccola picks Paula up on her way and together they drive to the Pancake Rocks in the Paparoa National Park.


Stone slabs of different stone types that evolved through erosion over millions of years. Gigantic, stacked atop each other in thin layers and today they remind one of American pancakes. One of these formations provides the opportunity to let your imagination run free. What are you seeing here?:

Paula says she is seeing a polar bear, a shoe, or Cleopatra! She really has to explain this to me!

I am seeing a rat on the right, a mitten in the middle, and a sphinx on the left.







Einer Wanderung auf dem Fox Gletscher (nur mit Heli Flug buchbar) zieht sie eineWanderung zum Fox Glacier Spiegelsee vor.

Riccola gabelt Paula unterwegs wieder auf, und gemeinsam fahren sie bis zu den Pancake Rocksim Paparoa National Park.





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