Where could there be a better opportunity to enjoy freshly caught crayfish? Paula takes the true king of sea foods out of the fishing net, is allowed to hold it, take pictures of it, and pose with the fellows. However, she is not invited to taste them!

I didn’t know that Paula was on a protein diet. But how else could her menu of the last two months be described? For some interruption of her bland menu of baked beans in cans, here are some specialities of foods for athletes.


For example:


That’s a term for the immature fry of fish which are only a few centimetres big. They are caught on the West Coast after having grown in the water for six months. “It tastes rather peculiar and it’s hard to compare it to other fish dishes”, Paula comments. Head and fish bones of the whitebait are so fine and soft that they can be eaten. Fried crisply like flat potato pancakes or, like Paula tried it, baked in an omelette. The catching of this New Zealand delicacy is being regulated and monitored strictly by DoC. Fishing season is only from the middle of August to the end of November in order to preserve the population despite the high demand. (For more information see this website. https://www.doc.govt.nz/our-work/west-coast-whitebait-fishery/)




Green-lipped mussels

Dark green shell with light green lips, they can be tasted nearly everywhere in New Zealand all year round. They are cultivated primarily in Marlborough, though.



These sea snails from narrow and rocky coastal waters are a popular and typical speciality of New Zealand. They are offered in “Fish & Chips” shops. Minced and fried.


Paula’s favourite dish, however, are scallops. In New Zealand, these are offered freshly caught at this time of the year. The only thing missing on Paula’s sea food plate are oysters from Bluff.


While writing this, my mouth begins to water. Spontaneously, I drive to Tarvis which is only 30 minutes away. A small town on the border of Austria and Italy. Here, I also order mussels and prawns. My own “protein diet menu”, so to say! I drink a toast to Paula with a glass of prosecco and enjoy the rest of the evening at home with the first lit candle on my Advent wreath.









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