When I visited my father today, the festively decorated letterbox attracted my attention. His old fish basket in which he put his trouts in former years and which he shouldered like a bag to transport them to the car.

I was also surprised that the slot that is usually used to put in the freshly caught fish is decorated with Barbara branches.

The 4thof December is Saint Barbara’s Day. In the Roman Catholic Church there is a nice old tradition: cherry branches or branches from any other fruit tree are put into a vase and if they bloom on Christmas Eve, the coming year will be a lucky one.

In some places, young girls pick the branches and give each one the name of a suitor. The one that blooms first is going to be the future groom.

Paula’s daughter is going to marry in May. She is going to put Barbara branches into a vase for her future luck and I wish her that a lot of buds will be blooming.

Here, the month of December entails numerous traditions. All Austrians decorate their homes for the festivities, music and candlelight accentuate the atmosphere, and I am asking myself where Paula is.

The only information that I have: non-stop rain! And then I get a quaint picture of the local letterboxes. A little less romantic in the execution, but somehow funny, this discarded microwave!










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