Paula is cycling..

When Paula was 14 years old, our aunt said to her: “You will always have ants in your pants.” This was only one of the many weaknesses in character our aunt found in Paula and commented on them in her bossy tone with fitting facial expression. However, concerning this matter our aunt was exactly right. Paula was very young, only 15 years old, when she moved from the countryside to Vienna, the big city, in which she dived into day- and nightlife. Soon after, her next stop was London.

Back in Vienna, Paula finished school off the traditional route, studied economics, and pursued her career. Due to this fact she was again constantly on the move, especially in Southeast Europe, where she gained experience with different people and a variety of cultures for over two centuries.

Paula’s favourite hobbies are fauna and flora as well as travelling.
She could especially foster her passions in the untouched nature of Southeast Europe. Either by observing bears in the forests of the Balkan region, or by searching and photographing wild orchids in the Albanian mountains.

Her journeys are always a mixture of nature and movement. Her favourite past time is going by bike in order to be more connected with nature and landscape. In summer her day trips often end with a supper of mushrooms that she sighted on her way and harvested immediately.

Her husband and daughter share Paula’s love for good, homemade meals, as well as her passion for cats. Although Paula’s cats are common domestic cats which she rescued from animal shelters, they might be the only creatures to whose will Paula – sometimes – submits. No surprise, they ARE charming, but at the same time headstrong and eccentric. Almost like Paula herself.

Lu is writing..

I am the older sister, family oriented, loving the life of the countryside and its traditions. For variety, I go on enjoyable tours, often in the South, visit the theatre or listen to guided tours in a museum. I love cooking – using seasonal products, but no cook books and a lot of fantasy. I got lots of this, fantasy that is, and use it in every situation.

I am not (and have never been) the sporty type of person. Already back in school I had trouble in the PE lessons. Today I am frustrated by the speed of gyms. Most of the time I am still standing whilst the other people are already moving forward or backward, and I am on principle jumping to the left, whilst the others are on the right side, continuing with their acrobatics. I like yoga, though, it’s slower and therefore, ideal for me.

I have a dog, Flora, and I take her for a walk every morning and evening. I really love this, particularly because I can observe the change of seasons and the forest has turned into my passion.

One of my weaknesses is being consistent, also not when it comes to training my dog. After my kids were out of the house, my dog turned a little bit into a “princess”. I can give you an example: Flora does not lie in her box in the boot but prefers lying on the cushioned back seat. This has become a habit because I have turned into a “short-distance mile collector”. I am driving with my living room-on-wheels nearly 40.000 km per year; to bring iron parts into the company of my husband, to help my children move into their flats, to transport the Christmas menu to my father’s home and lots more. Therefore, the boot is always full and Flora feels free to stretch out on the back seat. Not me, though. My closer environment constantly keeps me on my feet. Chaotic, cheerful, dutiful, that’s the way I am.