Due to the reason that the region is highly promoted for being an “amusement park”, Paula starts her last two-day hike at sunrise. Her last hike altogether because she will walk to Christchurch and will then leave New Zealand. Wistfully?


The place for her last overnight stay in a tent is Pohara on the 7thof December. It is situated directly at the sea. The last visitor in her tentis again a Weka with its brood. They share the last cookie!


From here she walks to Marahau, the starting point for the Abel Tasman Great Walk that is only reachable by water taxi. That’s fun, Paula says, because it first needs to be dragged into the water by a tractor (because of the tides).


The nature conservation agency highlighted the hiking trails that are well-marked and offer an interplay between forests and coastal landscapes. The trail leads through regions without roads, along paths of the Maori, between tree ferns (dinosaurs of the plant world) and sand dunes.

With every step, like a meditation, Paula has to think of the film “The Lord of the Rings” that has partly been shot on this hiking trail. The director Peter Jackson has since been the best-known New Zealander. Worldwide fame, however, was won by Sir Edmund Hillary. He lived in the southern hemisphere and gained his first experience in mountaineering in the Southern Alps in New Zealand. He was the first human on earth who reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1853 and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.


Paula’s hike over the two days was twelve hours long altogether and ended in Marahau. There she slept in a Backpacker Lodge because her tent had already been cleaned and packed into her bike bags.






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